In any City

43  in Ca


133,497 BC 523,911 Ontario 93,650 Ontario 135,711 Ontario 175,779 Ontario 223,218 BC 126,748 Ontario 



103,671 Ontario 812,201 Alberta

350000 Ontario 265,349 Quebec 121,688 Ontario 390,096 Nova Scotia 519,949 Ontario 117,312 BC 60000 Florida
219,153 Ontario 366151 Ontario

301,709 Ontario 82,997 Ontario 149,607 Ontario  883,391 Ontario



20,000 Ontario 222,189 Saskatchewan

131,400 Ontario 160,274 Ontario 468,251 BC


2,615,060 Ontario 122,022 Ontario 210,891 Ontario 38,000 Ontario

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What is Web Advertising?

Simply put, when you pay someone to put your content on their website.

Your content could be:

a link, a banner, a video, an article, a logo

and more than likely any form of ad you place on someone else’s website will have a link back to your website.

Why advertise?

There are several reasons you may want to pay to advertise your site. I guess the main reason is to get brand recognition and also to drive traffic to your website.

Other websites may have an audience that is similar to your audience but not really competing with your site. In this instance it might be a good idea to pay someone to advertise your website.

Another great example that relates to us is the community site.

When you have a site that is built around a community, city or small town, it can bring in many people from that community.

Local businesses would benefit from advertising on these types of sites.

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